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TH79E : I use it for handy operations. It is the european model built by Kenwood. Here are mods (I obviously do NOT give any garanty) and the manual.

DR-M50 : This is a mobile model that I use as my base station or in my XYL car. This is the Japaneese version of the DR-605 by Alinco (TRX V/U HF 50/25W). I give you there a mod to open your TX to 130-174+300-340+400-470+800-1000MHz band (please be very careful).

TR-751E : This is a mobile model that I use as my base station or in my XYL car. It is VHF only but all modes with 20W output power. It's an old fashion tranceiver and it misses a control pad on the mobile microphone but I like it in CW.

AT Sprint 3 : It's a 4 bands (80, 40, 30, 20m)  QRP kit sold by KD1JV for $­­­­160, S&H included. The main soldering issue is the large use of SMD parts, but, for the one who overpass this step its size and its rx perfomances lead to an excellent 5W cheap tranceiver, that slip into the pocket.

Ham Activity Bands

I do traffic on 80, 40, 30, 20, 2m and 70cm bands in all modes. My favorite activities are CW in transmission and picture receptions (SSTV, ATV, and  weather satellites-NOAA). I also own a 2.4GHz ATV station for special events.


I live in Trappes, near Paris. No outside antenna there, because it seems longer to be allowed than to move in a new home. My GPS position is 48.46.619N-02.00.057E that is the locator JN18AS.

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