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Nikon Camera



I found on the web that some great people had program some software for computer but also for Palm os that allow you to remote control some features of some digitl camera, and especially the Nikon CoolPix 995 that I got! However, the only cable that is sold with the camera is the USB one...which is not suitable for our purpose...

That is why you will find along this page schematics for adapt your USB cable in order you can use it both for USB, Computer Serial and Palm Serial. I know that it works since I did it myself, but you should know that you need to be very carefull, and to got the correct material. Then you'll find some links to programs for use with your new toys!

Mods for the datacable

Here is the schematics (click the picture to get a bigger one).

Be very carefull Soyez precis lors du demontage du connecteur proprietaire de Nikon car celui-ci ne se vend pas seul. Vous remarquerez que ce connecteur est formee par trois parties : une coque exterieure souple (a garder) une coque thermomoulee, qu'il vous faudra gratter puis jetter, et le connecteur en lui-meme (dont vous avez le schema en haut a droite).

Be aware of the fact with this mod you will spare about 30 euros (price ofthe data cable) or 175 euros (price of the offical remote controller MC EU-1). You have to take the decision wether or not you should cut your cable!

Links to softwares

I give no guarantee about softwares but I use some of them and they work properly. Actually all frewares are available at :


While searching the web you'll find some shareware easily...You'll enjoy much more your new cable ;o)

Creation date : 09/01/2005 @ 23:46
Last update : 11/01/2005 @ 20:55
Category : Electronic
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