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The whole HF station
The TRx (Atsprint 3 from KD1JV) weights 67.81g in the monobande version or 81.55g with all 4 modules (80, 40, 30 et 20m) in the box. The tunner is a little heavy because of the T80-2 Amidon toroid but it includes an SWR meter and tunes all the antennas for the previous 4 bands.

HF station ready to go
The 10 cents coin is 20mm diameter. It is amazing how easy my station is to move but also how compact it is in operations.

My iambic key
As soon as the plastic britleness issue has been overcome (on the photography, the white side is made with bone, thanks Mum!) this homebrew key of 55*25*20mm all included is smooth in use and very easy to carry. Its only drawbacks is that it needs two hands for acting on the air, as soon as you do not have a strong enougth magnet.

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