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PalmpProp is dead...welcome iProp (for iPhone) [HERE].

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My sharewares
dd.gifPalmProp Downloaded 1328 times
 PalmProp is a software for PalmOs dedicated to the forcast of HF radiowave propagation.
More information [HERE]
My freewares
dd.gifHLAPRS - PalmOs Downloaded 537 times

The 0.5 release of HLAPRS. Go to the specific pages for more information.

dd.gifHLAPRS - Desktop Downloaded 401 times

The desktop version of HLAPRS in order to create maps for the software.
See the specific pages for more informations.

dd.gifCoolPalm Downloaded 196 times

A remote controller for Nikon 995 on PalmOs 5.0. Take a look at the specific page (Electronic/Nikon and Computer science/My softwares) for more information.

dd.gifwmIPdyn Downloaded 358 times

A little software that allow you to securely store your personnal IP on a fixed IP server. Thus, you have both advantages from the fixed IP (web server...) and from the dynamic one (no hacking).
It is a Linux DockApp that give you, at home, your IP.

dd.gifEasy empty french Downloaded 443 times

"Parler Creux Sans Peine" is a french sentence generator that makes other think you well know the subject.
I also give you the OnBoardC source code.

dd.gifHaldane plugin for AquaDiveLog (PalmOs) Downloaded 371 times
 ********** WARNING **********
This sofware is is for information/education purpose only and a legal procedure must be followed.
********** WARNING **********

Haldane plugin is a implementation of Haldane's model for tissues from 5mn to 120mn for the excellent PalmOs scuba divelog, AquaDivelog.

dd.gifBT GPS plugin for AquaDivelog (PalmOs) Downloaded 140 times
 GPS plugin with BlueTooth for the excellent PalmOs scuba divelog, AquaDivelog.

dd.gifPCGEN 1.44 Downloaded 805 times
 A LF generator for sound card.
dd.gifPCOSC 251 Downloaded 802 times
 A LF oscilloscope for sound card.

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