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PalmpProp is dead...welcome iProp (for iPhone) [HERE].

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APRS - I am back (AP510 - AVRT5) - by Gilles Petit 01/09/2014 @ 22:50

So, here we go, I am back with my APRS tests...But this time, the make or buy ended in a buy, mainly due to a very slow real hands on electronics market in France, while internet based component purchase, without touching...naaah...hi!

And here is me, buying a little AVRT5 (or AP510) on ebay...100€ bucks, 2 times Chinese prices...20times the cost, but still the customs taxes for the sole bluetooth module...so...

However, I "play" for some times (careful long timer reader would say 5years) on Mac, no other solution, I had to develop the configuration interface for may new "toy".

Here it is for your pleasure, free (was a long long time), AVRT5 Configuration Manager.app or AP510 Configuration Manager.app, for your blinky Mac OSX 9.x.

Enjoy :)

un beau screenshot

PS: by the way, I am here

iHamRelay - Reviewers' Choice Winner at Filedir.com - by Gilles Petit 04/08/2012 @ 09:04

Reviewers' Choice. iHamRelay for iOS
iHamRelay is now Reviewers' Choice Winner 2012 at Filedir.com

iHamRelay - by Gilles Petit 04/08/2012 @ 06:01

Reviewers' Choice. iHamRelay for iOS

is an iPhone App giving repeaters around you with frequency, shift and activation code.

The coverage? Over 2500 repeaters all across Europe, 21 000 in the US, 1 200 in JPN for over 25 000 world wide (currently supporting FR, PA, LX, UK, SP, DL, HB, IT, OE, ON, LU, OH, USA and JPN)

It has been quite some time... - by Gilles Petit 04/08/2012 @ 06:00

...that no news has been feed in. It's not that nothing was done, just that, since Palm is now really dead, playing around with the iPhone was soooooo nice, forgetting the ad' is pretty easy.
So here we go, from the last post in 2007 (!!), here's what has been produced!

fresh from the press, a few plugins for lockinfo (on Cydia store, requires jailbroken iPhone and Lockinfo to be installed):
WorldClock : display at any time up to 3 timezones on your lockscreen.
Notes: display native notes on your lockscreen.
Muslim Prayer: gives the next prayer time and Mecca direction based on your location (needs a GPS enabled iDevice).
BarCode Display: for all geek globetrotters around here, get your next eTicket displayed on your lockscreen just by turning on your phone. Hide it also in one click (because this remains ugly, right!)

iHamRelay gives you more than 2 500 repeaters accross Europe, 21 000 in the US, 1 200 in JPN for over 25 000 world wide (currently supporting FR, PA, LX, UK, SP, DL, HB, IT, OE, ON, LU, OH, USA and JPN). Join the community and share relays from Hams all around the world. Available on Appstore here

iProp, the porting of the famous PalmProp with the computation power of your iPhone! Available on Appstorehere

Finally, a technical app for your iPhone: iRFC, the pocket tool for engineer or hobbyist who always need quick and easy access to impedance matching network! Available on Appstore here

My first agreed game: iSlots, the new Las Vegas in your pocket...But keep in mind that in this version, you can make the difference by stopping the reels in the right timing. Luck will not help! Available on Appstore here

and the third one is...miLove - a real love letter generator, in full romantic French (English to come) create more than 100 million love words you can send directly by email! Available on Appstore here

My first agreed application: the portage to iPhone of Parler Creux Sans Peine (high society bull shit text generator, in French for the time being), old time success on Palm. Available on Appstore here

Gilles, f5hla/jh1gui

PalmProp update - by Gilles Petit 19/01/2007 @ 19:56

PalmpProp version 0.070118 (HF propagartion forecast on PalmOs), updated after bug correction, is available [HERE] (http://f4hla.free.fr/articles.php?lng=en&pg=150).
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