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Palm TX connector

The detail of Palm connector is available for registered users on the web site of Palm, but there is no rigth to disclose data.

Bellow is also just presented the interface using the new Palm connector (called Multiconnector - compatible with Treo 650 and 700p, Palm TX, T5, T-E2 and Lifedrive from the Palm Developper Guide), that allows to connect peripheral using usb, serial or charging device (WARNING, the voltage of the charging device MUST be 5V MAXIMUM.

Please Note that this interface allows to connect the Palm as a serial peripheral or as a serial master (to a modem or a meteo staion...) : especially, his last possibility allows to connect the Palm to a SUUNTO interface, very useful for the AquaDivelog software, and actually the initial reason of this interface.

Warning: the connections between the various pins of the Palm are to be as presented. Especially, do not forget to connect pull up and de pull down resistors of de 6.8k and 680 Ohm.

Schematic (top) and Layout for veroboard (bottom)

Interface from the top(top) and the bottom (bottom) (USB to be installed)

Creation date : 08/01/2007 @ 23:45
Last update : 18/01/2007 @ 20:43
Category : Electronic
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