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TNC-X for Palm

The original wxeb page for the TNC-X project is available [HERE] or [THERE].

Bellow is the adaptated schematic to be connected to a Palm TX (validated in my own case), or any Palm using the new Palm connector (Palm TX, Lifedrive, Treo and some others
(WARNING, one should be very carefull to the connecion of the Palm pins since any mistake can severly damage your device. Every work is to be done under your responsability).Please note that the detail of Palm connector is available for registered users on the web site of Palm, but there is no rigth to disclose data.

Warning: the connections between the various pins of the Palm are to be as presented. Especially, do not forget to connect pull up and de pull down resistors of de 6.8k and 680 Ohm, especially if you intend to modify this schematic.

Schematic (top) and Layout for veroboard (bottom)

Interface from the top(top) and the bottom (bottom)

WARNING: this schematic was tested and validated using TNC-X software version 1.6 mirrored [HERE]. During the burning of your PIC do not forget to fill in the EEPROM zone with FF et 00 respectively at places 2 (PERSIST VALUE) and 3 (SLOTTIME) - recall: the EEPROM zone start at place 0!.

Creation date : 16/01/2007 @ 23:07
Last update : 16/01/2007 @ 23:21
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