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LCD driver

LCD driver

I give you there some informations and source code about LCD use with PIC. Actually, those informations are usefull for whatever microcontroler or even for RS232 port of a computer.

Note that if the informations I give are for Samsung LCD controler, programs are 100% compatible with Hitachi controler, the most common ones.

Since there are always not enough pin out of a controler, I just give you a 2 pins hardware adapter and the source code that goes with. The adaptator schematic is :

In my program, Data is PortA.0 pin, and Clock is PortA.1 one.

All diode goes well (1N4148...) and the varactor is for the contrrast adjustement. The 74LS174 is a shift registerr and every xxDD174 parts would suit.

Note finally that we do not use D0 to D3 pins that migth be connected to the ground. The consequence is that we use the LCD in its 4 bits mode.

Here are the downloadable files :

- General LCD tutorial - mostly useful. [HERE]

- LCD Powertip with Samsung controller. [HERE]

- First software for LCD init and use (PIC assembler). [HERE]

- 2 routines for the display of a decimal number, the one encoded on two bytes, the other binary encoded (PIC assembler - enhencement of the previous software). [HERE]

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