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NOTE : the project is in stand-by mode but I am still waiting for remarks.

I have got a handly Packet/APRS project for which I need help, what is actually the reason of this site....

As a summary I would say that I have to realise the software and the hadware that would allow user (us?) to go and traffic in Packet/APRS in handly mode in a first way and then in every numeric ways based on a 1200 bps TNC.

Detailled explanation :

  1. Here is my situation : I got a handly TX TH79E and a palm m505. It appears that for a reasonnable price we can find GPS that can be clipped on the back of the palm and communicate with it by the Hotsynch port. The GPS relatively low cost can be explained by the fact that their use the palm for its screen and compute power. I personnaly got the model made by HOLUX : GM-251.
  2. Then, here is the problem : with this type of GPS, we can absolutly NOT dissociate the GPS from the palm, and so TNS and solutions proposed by pocketAPRS, that use two serial entries in communication mode between the GPS and the TNS, are useless. Moreover, behind the"foreign" (from France) monopoly on the "pocket APRS", it is hard to develop French detailled maps. That would also be an other priority in this project.
  3. Finally, the idea : first of all, I wanna said that the purpose is NOT to get back to stones. I also tried to contact the OM that wrote pocketAPRS (without succes for the moment, what leads me to create this site). Thus the idea is to give OM that like me have a certain material (which cost so much that we doesn't wnat to change! ;o) a new solution : it consists in downloading data from the GPS by the Hotsynch port of the palm, when ending data to the TNC by the port available in new palms, the SDIO port (the one used by SD/MMC card). After a modem realised for this port, it would be easy to do any numeric hamradio traffic (Pics, Audio, text...) in an handly mode ;o). Note that I have not find the interest yet, but it might exists if the technological challenge is not enough ;o).
  4. My problems : they are from various natures :
    • First, as a "newby" in APRS, since I did not got a GPS before April, 10 2002, I have to learn a aspects of this communication mode...and what can be appreciate by users.
    • Then, I have to find schematics of TNC that I can adapt to my needs (the communication by the expand port of the palm is not so easy and might need some changes).
  5. What I expect from this site is thus that OM would lead me through my project in order that I get the more quickely to the true difficulties of my project, without be disturb by uncomplete informations.

For the moment, I especially search for way to program the expand port of the palm since I choose to use in a first step a baycom type modem based on an FX(MX)614 (Bell 202 modem type that allows Packet/APRS for Hams) in a SMC form (Surface Mounted Components) in order to be the more handly as possible. Nevertheless, I am free for people that would like informations or technical threads (see my forum).

Creation date : 12/01/2005 @ 00:08
Last update : 12/01/2005 @ 20:31
Category : HLAPRS
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