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You'll find there everything concerning the devlopment of the hardware. By definition, this TNC will be design for use with the expand port of Palm (m505, m135 et m515...for the moment), but it should be adaptable....

BE CAREFUL : I give source and I comment them because I think it is what I wanna find on the Web and it fit the Ham Spirit. I just aks you to quote me if you use them. In a commercial purpose, please contact me BEFORE (see the link on the top of menu).

Of course I'll try to put there only approved version, but all uses are at your own risks ;o)

Here are good news : the 1200bps modem is now reality. Based on a classical Baycom type, it uses a FX 614 (or MX614, pour US people). That is everyone with a program that goes with a Baycom type modem can use it. However, it is all create with SMD components for portable applications. Be careful : there are 26 vias and 1 wire...

For every question and/or print problems, write me, I'll answer. If you need it, I can also give to you source files in Orcad 9.2 format. Ask for it, it's free!!

Schematic (I write on the serial port the classical pins that are used with Baycom type)
Lines - two faces
Components placement
Sources in Orcad 9.2 format : ask me!!
PALM adaptator (SD card)To come

About the realisation, I only can recommand to be very, very, very...careful when you are not tired, and very calm . My method is the following :

  1. Print a pretty circuit, very carefully. If it is not good enougth, please do it again.
  2. Pierce holes
  3. Solder 26 vias : be clean, especially for the one under the FX614.
  4. Put capacitors
  5. Put resitors
  6. Put diode : be CAREFUL of the direction (hu!! ;o)
  7. Solder the 74HC04
  8. Solder the FX614
  9. Solder the quartz
  10. Solder the 78L05
  11. And then the connectors you wnat : the step is standard
  12. Finally, solder the wire and the switch

It should work ;o). For a better result, verify in real time your joints.

Creation date : 12/01/2005 @ 01:16
Last update : 12/01/2005 @ 20:27
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