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Sagem mobile phones


The purpose of this page is to give you kinds of way to go deeper into your Sagem mobile phones, becaus'...I think it's fun, hi!

I personnally got the new MY X-5 and I make all my test on it. But I found that there were similarities with 9xx and 3xxx series. Thus, if I do NOT give any guaranty about MY X-5, I do NOT EVEN have test things personnally on other series. However, some programs found on the net were first created to be used with 9xx and 3xxx series, and in those cases I would tell you.

First of all, THE MY X-5 :

Then various interesting things :

Connector (click on one picture)
Program for previous versions, tested on my MY X-5A little program for SMS and agenda viewing
A service program, with sim unlock NOT TESTED on MY X-5
Data cable Schematic (for 9xx, 3xxx and MY X-5) (click on the picture)
SAGEM Program for pic/sound for MY X-5 ONLYSagem My Picture and Sound (v6.03, not modified) work very well with my cable
Command list for MY X-5Those command are for dialog with the phone from a hyperterminal client or for creating a program like those above. You can get the whole list by the command : "AT+CLAC"
Command list for 9xx serieThe same thing but for 9xx serie
The reference document The AT norme by ETSI...That means, all we need, and even more... (it is the description of all the command found by the command AT+CLAC)
For the T68 (Ericson)The devlopper's guide...useful to
Example of sound and picture for MY-X5An example of sound (.wav, extract form USSR, Beatles) and picture (.gif) I download in my tiny phone ;o)

Creation date : 09/01/2005 @ 23:36
Last update : 11/01/2005 @ 20:45
Category : Electronic
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