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PhD student story

Once uppon a time, a rabbit worked on his PhD thesis. The first day, he meat a wolf that asked him:
- You, rabbit, what's up?
- I am working on my PhD thesis!
- PhD student?? Yeaaaah... What's your topic?
- 'Superiority of rabbits on wolves'
Roaring with laughter, the wolf did not believe the rabbit. But he insisted:
- I you don't believe me, come on, I'll show you!
After all, thought the wolf, He has got time, and he could eat the rabbit at any time without any problem. Thus he accept the meeting.
No one ever saw this wolf again...
On month later, our rabbit meat a tiger that asked:
- Hey, rabbit, what's up?
- I am a PhD student!
- PhD student?? What's your topic?
- 'Superiority of rabbits on tigers'
The tiger, in fits, accepted to go and see the rabbit at work, but no one saw him again...
After three month, a fox meat the rabbit and once again: the rabbit explained that he is working on a PhD thesis about the superiority of rabbits on foxes and the fox followed him to the lab.
Here, he discovered a pack of wolf bones, a pack of tiger bones and in the middle of the room, a lion, the rabbit supervisor.

Conclusion, the PhD thesis topic doesn't matter; what does is the power of your supervisor.




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